FTBFS on armhf: clang defaults NEON instructions (Debian diary)

This is a little subject matter I came across recently. Since American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) was started to build with LLVM higher than 3.7 there were problems on the officially supported port armhf. The build always breaks over an illegal instruction while trying to compile the tests for the instrumentation. Read On →

Collected notes from Python packaging

This article discusses some particular problems which came up in packaging Python software for Debian. It's about UnicodeDecoreError on open() of Python 3 running in non-UTF-8 environments, and on the non-deterministic order of requirements in egg-info/requires.txt. It's the first post of a planned series on specialized Python related issues like these. Read On →

Theano in Debian: maintenance, BLAS and CUDA

This an end-user oriented 'field manual' for running the math expression compiler and deep learning engine Theano on Debian systems. It discusses maintenance tasks like using the helper scripts for running the tests and purging the cache, choosing between different available BLAS implementations, and finally howto use a GPU device for Theano by the CUDA backend. And in contrast to the official documentation all that with a special focus on running the new packages within the Debian environment. Read On →

A complete Debian package build in detail

This is an exhaustive explanation of a complete build process of a Debian package, the C++ computer vision library Vigraimpex. The debian/rules file of the discussed package revision is 'old school', containing explicitly written individual build targets. This would be interesting for people want to get deeper into Debian packaging along a quite demanding debian/rules file, which actually is GNU Make code. Its ideal for that purpose that the upstream package has a rather easy outline. Read On →

Fixing ppc64el chroots for Sbuild

A workaround for a temporary problem with ppc64el emulated chroots for the package builder sbuild. Read On →

Vagrant in the clouds

This article describes howto use the portable development environments of HashiCorp's Vagrant on virtual machines provided by the cloud service DigitalOcean. That's easy to do with the plugin vagrant-digitalocean from devopsgroup.io. Read On →


Here are some notes on how to deal with a certain problem in Debian packaging, which might be useful for people coming across the same issue. In certain cases you want to have two binary packages co-installable, which normally wouldn't be because of the restriction that two packages can't be installed at the same time which contain the same files: every single file in the filesystem have to belong to a single package, and couldn't be overwritten by another package. Read On →

Reproduzierbarer Paketbau in der Praxis

Hier noch ein kleiner Blogbeitrag über reproduzierbaren Paketbau in der derzeitigen Praxis von Debian GNU/Linux-Paketbetreuern. Das ist eine gute Gelegenheit, in diesem Blog auch einmal den Builder Pbuilder anzusprechen, mit dem der derzeitig noch experimentelle Toolchain des Reproducible Builds-Projektes schon in Betrieb genommen werden kann. Read On →